Scent Marketing, naturally

 Scent is the most powerful, emotive way to connect with your customer

ScentLab design natural and bespoke signature scents, which will enhance customer experience and build brand loyalty with well being, comfort, and satisfaction.

What is scent marketing?

For decades hotel groups, casinos and retail companies have been using scent marketing to promote their products.

Retailers like Benetton, Nordstrom and Victoria’s Secret diffuse scents in their stores to improve customer experience. Apple actually scent their packaging and products to reinforce a uniquely strong brand loyalty.

The lobby scent in the Ritz Carlton is carefully tailored to their customer segment. The Marriott and The Four Seasons use signature-scented candles and diffusers for ambient scenting.

“As an expert in this field I identify three main areas of Scent Marketing;
Scent Branding, Ambient scenting, and Scent Labelling as part of a start to finish scent marketing strategy”

Mary Kenny
Scent Marketing Consultant

Scent Branding

Design & develop a bespoke scent specific for your brand (and target audience/ customer demographic). This can be referred to as an olfactory logo or scent logo (or brand scent). This will be made using only natural ingredients.

Ambient scenting

Diffusing a pleasant scent to make your business space more appealing and improve customer experience. The method to do this will be tailored to suit your business environment.

Scent Labelling

Application of your signature scent to various customer touch-points. This means your signature scent may travel outside the confines of your business, on packaging, complementary or retail products.

Who's it for?

Scent marketing is for those who are building their brand or simply want to enhance customer experience.

It should be regarded as an integral part of your business’s branding strategy because of its unique ability to associatively tie together all thoughts and experiences pertaining to your brand.

It can be developed and easily integrated at any stage into a new or existing brand.

If you have put thought into background music, lighting, the way your product is displayed or how the product feels as being integral parts of your customer’s experience, then you should be asking yourself how those customers’ connect with your product through scent.





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The science behind scent

When a scent is inhaled through the nose it travels directly to the receptors in the brain. This direct path has three primary effects: physiological, emotional and memory invoking.

A scent is perceived so specifically that it has the ability to transport the person back to the setting in which it was first encountered.

There have been many studies on olfactory induced memories in the past number of decades.


A 2004 analysis by Dr. Rachel Herz found that there was a significantly more emotional and evocative response to olfactory cues than than a visual or auditory cue.

She posits that “There is a growing body of evidence that there is a privileged relationship between olfaction and emotion during recollection.”

She also suggests that the reason for this special relationship is due to the specificity

of odors as encoding cues - in other words it is far more likely that a particular scent or odor will never be encountered again than a visual or auditory cue.

What this means is that the olfactory memory cue is much more insulated from corruption or retroactive interference.

Based on this tenet I will produce a naturally made bespoke scent to compliment your brand. As well as setting you apart from your competitors it is unlikely to be confused with another scent logo.

   Benefits to your business...

Customer Satisfaction

Scent Marketing has proven to increase customer satisfaction rating.

Increased Footfall

A pleasant scent increases the likelihood of people entering your premises.

Brand Loyalty

Emotional connection to your product or service leads to loyal customers and even brand ambassadors.

Repeat business

Improving customer experience with ambient scenting means they are more likely to return.

..and the measurable results

Shopping Research 

A study carried out in 2004 by Washington State University found that when scent and music were congruent retail customers evaluated
their shopping experience better than with the music only.

Casino Research

A field study conducted in a Las Vegas casino found that gamblers spent 45% more of their cash on slot machines when ambient scenting was introduced into the space.

Sports Research 

A study involving college athletes in the U.S. found that athletes’ performance improved when a peppermint strip was placed beneath their nose during trials.

Brand Research 

In 2000 another study observed that a pleasant ambient scent improved brand evaluation, particularly for unfamiliar brands and increased recall of unfamiliar brand names.

My Approach

I will provide a natural, bespoke, and complete scent marketing service. I will tailor the design and

service to fit your existing brand, your premises and business needs.

I collaborate with my clients throughout the process to ensure that their signature scent

is designed / oriented toward their customer segment.


First I will get to know your business, your customer base, your target audience and your goals in relation to marketing your brand.

Scent Design

I will work with you to design and develop your own unique bespoke signature scent logo. Always working with organic or natural raw materials. Hand made and expertly made.

Ambient Scenting

Together we will evaluate the best method for ambient scenting your space whether this be diffusers, In Air Handling Units, or candles.

Scent Labelling

Creative ways of distributing your signature scent will be considered. There are many option for this whether scenting merchandise or internal products.

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Advanced scent diffusion technology The Ecoscent is a discrete and easy to use HVAC scent diffusion system that delivers a seamless olfactory experience. Built on the world’s most advanced scent diffusion technology, Air Aroma’s patented atomization process ensures consistent fragrance levels and results. With adjustable scent output and compact design, the Ecoscent is perfect for both large and small areas that require discrete diffusion. Ideally connected to your HVAC system it will also increase efficiency by up to 50% (compared to diffusing straight into the air). Featuring 450ml (16 fl. oz.) or 2 liter (68 fl. oz.) fragrance cartridges, the Ecoscent range is all about user-friendliness and flexibility. Ecoscent allows scent diffusion in large open areas or multiple zones through HVAC without the need for additional scent devices, making it perfect for exhibition halls, casinos, offices, airports and large hotel lobbies.

Mary Kenny

I qualified from the London school of Aromatherapy in year. (Since then) I have practiced and worked in the area of Aromatherapy (for over 26 years).

During this time I also graduated with a Higher Diploma in Sociology in year, as well as a Degree in Childcare studies in year. For a time I worked as a Consultant for children with special needs in an aromatherapy context?


As a scent marketing consultant I offer a complete range of services in a bespoke and tailored manner from start to finish. I design Brand Scents from scratch and choose effective application methods that best suit each of my clients.
Using natural, sustainable materials sourced locally and organic where possible, I place emphasis on reducing my carbon footprint and that of my clients.

I am passionate about contributing to the comfort and happiness of people in their day to day experiences whether they are visiting a cafe, retirement home or a hotel. My products and services are designed from a therapeutic starting point with improving people’s lives at the core.


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